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"I am the type of music teacher who focuses on long term, holistic development" 

- Henry Foraker (Owner) 

Who Are We? 

Studio 826 is a locally owned and operated school of music focused on the study of piano and voice! We are open to all ages and ability levels. Our instructors are trained educators with a passion for watching students grow and achieve. Located just west of Cleveland, OH we are a rapidly growing studio of music study and performance. 

Why Piano? 

Piano is the best instrument to begin your musical studies on. In addition to the piano being very accessible, it is also very forgiving. Young beginners can explore easily the keys, octaves, and melodies that the piano has to offer. It provides a liberal way to look at music and to study theory. Once a student understands piano, chances are they are able to understand other instruments easily as well. 

Why Voice? 

Voice is the most personal instrument of all. Learning how to sing is more akin to learning how to dance than learning how to play an instrument. Singing is a physical, nuanced sport and should be thought of as such. Singing provides the opportunity to share emotion, to tell a story. As singers we get to express in a way that no other musician can; through text. Singing takes us back centuries, further than any instrument. Singing is communication. Singing is livelihood. 

Why Studio 826?

At Studio 826 students will be given the flexibility they need to reach their goals both on the piano and with their voices. They will learn not only how to read music and play music, but how to discuss music and how to listen to music. Our individualized musical instruction focuses on building communication skills as well as musical skills. Building confidence as well as knowledge yields a well rounded musician that can thrive in the modern era of music making. 

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