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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child ready for piano lessons? 

Good question! It can be challenging when starting out to decide if piano is the right activity for your child. Let me offer some encouraging advice. Piano is a fantastic, creative outlet for any child. As long as your child knows their shapes, numbers, colors, and has begun learning how to read, piano lessons are right for them! 

Is my child ready for voice lessons? 

Unlike learning an instrument, I believe learning how to properly sing is akin to learning how to swim. It uses multiple muscles all working together to achieve and create a flawless sound. Singing is a great way to cultivate and train natural ability. Children ages 8 and up are ready for voice lessons! But don't expect them to come out singing Mozart or Beyonce after the first year or so! Teaching singing is a delicate practice that involves years of preparation. But don't worry, we have tons of fun along the way! 

How does scheduling work? 

In order to create an organized and efficient schedule for students, parents, and the instructor each lesson will take place once a week at the same time each week. There will be four or five lessons each month depending on how many weeks and days are in that month. Each of those lessons will be at a consistent time. 

What happens if I cannot make a lesson?

If a student or parent is unable to make a lesson, nine times out of ten a makeup lesson can be scheduled. If no makeup lesson can be scheduled the lesson is considered lost and is not deducted from any future payments and no refund can be made. Students must give at least 24 hours notice on cancellations in order to receive a makeup lesson. 

How much outside work is involved? 

For children taking piano there is a substantial amount of practicing required. At the beginning of the experience I recommend each student put in 5-10 minutes a day; no more, no less. This allows students to discover the instrument without forcing them to be perfectly accurate on something they are not familiar with. As their studies move forward they are encoruraged to practice until they are confident in their abilities. Often times students who have been taking for several years will practice 20-30 min a day. Students in high school are expected to put this much time in as well.  

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